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Car Buying Handbook...




$AVE $100's/$1,000's Buying Your New Car gives you the closely held car sales trade secrets that will make you a most successful car buyer.

After reading
$AVE $100's/$1,000's Buying Your New Car, you will know more about car sales than most new and used car salespeople. These car salespeople will sense your knowledge and will not play games with you. You will be treated with respect and will not be jerked around when you buy your car…

You will get the best deal! Every time!

This book comes with an Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee....

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Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Instructor

Navy Submariner

Carrier Landing

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About the Author

Dick Król

(See mid-air collision photos)


Dick Król was ripped off by a dishonest car dealer and decided to do something about it.....

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